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  • Bantul District - D.I. Yogyakarta - Indonesia

    A. Overview The Special Region of Yogyakarta is a province of dozens musea. Almost in every part of the province has one, run either by government, educational institution, foundation, or private sector. Each of the musea has a certain vision and mission. For example, Mount Merapi Museum ... detail... »

  • Tasikmalaya District - West Java - Indonesia

    A. Brief  Information Have you ever imagined that in the middle of modernity and global influence which corrupt local culture little by little, there is a community which maintains its traditional customs and practically resistant to any modern touch? If your answer is yes, you are ... detail... »

  • Lebak District - Banten - Indonesia

    A. Brief Information Lebak District is one of popular tourism destinations in the province of Banten. It is famous for its villages that might offer you with picturesque nature views and the fresh air that is rarely found in big cities. Amongst them is Sawarna village, located at ... detail... »

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  • 19 June 2012 04:25 04:25

    General Manager (GM)

    General Manager (GM) Requirements : Male or Female Diploma or Bachelor’s Degree in Hospitality/Tourism/Hotel Management or EquivalentAt least 3 years of working experience in related field and similar position.Possess strong leadership.Maximum 45 years old.Fluent in English both ... detail... »

  • Malaysia Food Festival Winners Awarded
    26 November 2011 09:39 09:39

    Malaysia Food Festival Winners Awarded

    Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei Darussalam - The prize presentation for winners in the recently held Malaysia Food Festival took place yesterday at Royal Brunei Catering's (RBC) Berakas Room of The Airport Restaurant. The top prize, a return air ticket and hotel package to Penang, went to ... detail... »

  • Fatahillah Museum to Hold Cultural Festival
    25 November 2011 07:41 07:41

    Fatahillah Museum to Hold Cultural Festival

    Jakarta, Indonesia - Fatahillah Museum will hold the “Gebyar Fatahillah” cultural festival to commemorate the Islamic New Year, which falls on Sunday. The five-day festival, to be held from Saturday to Wednesday at Fatahillah Square in West Jakarta, will feature multicultural art ... detail... »

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  • Sikka Weft Textiles: A Tribute to Weaving Women
    30 April 2011 07:31 07:31

    Sikka Weft Textiles: A Tribute to Weaving Women

    By Rita A.Widiadana On the hillside of Watublapi village in Sikka, 30 kilometers from the largest city in Flores, East Nusa Tenggara, a number of women meticulously weave some of the world’s most refined and elaborate warp ikat textiles. Thanks to these women’s superb ... detail... »

  • Bali-morphous Diversity
    28 March 2011 08:43 08:43

    Bali-morphous Diversity

    By Rupert Bottenberg “We couldn’t do a three-hour show, people would be driven mad,” says Nino Gabrielli, co-director with Éric Vandal of Montreal’s Giri Kedaton gamelan ensemble. Their show is only half that duration, he says, “and there’s so much in it, people ... detail... »

  • Ambuyat Our Iconic Heritage
    11 January 2011 08:25 08:25

    Ambuyat Our Iconic Heritage

    By Jessica Tiah Many countries sought for their national traditions to be officially recognised by Unesco as part of the world’s heritage an exclusive listing of cultural treasures to be safeguarded and preserved for future generations to come. In order for these traditions ... detail... »

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