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Performing Art
Rangguk DanceA. Overview Rangguk is a traditional dance from Kerinci district, Jambi province, Indonesia. The word “Rangguk” itself has several meanings taken from some opinions of the experts. The first opinion said that the term comes from rangguk, ranggok, and rangguek, which refer to the specific dialects of the local community. These terms ... detail... »
Batombe ArtA. Overview Visiting Abai region, Sangir Batang Hari sub-district, South Solok district, West Sumatra, you must not miss to watch the Batombe Art that is similar to Randai Art. This tradition was originally played to entertain and give an encouragement for people who currently share work for the construction of Rumah Gadang ... detail... »
Plate DanceA. Overview Plate Dance is one of the typical traditional dances of Minangkabau ethnic group that has existed since many years ago. The dance was originally born in Solok, West Sumatra, which previously was performed by local community as a ritual to express their gratitude to God for a plentiful harvest. The ritual was especially ... detail... »
Randai ArtA. Overview Randai is a folk theater tradition of Minangkabau ethnic group played by several people (group or team). The theatre is featured by Minangkabau folklore, such as the stories of Cindua Mato, Malin Deman, Anggun Nan Tongga, and others. It is said that Randai was first performed by Pariangan community, Padang Panjang, when ... detail... »
Angguk Dance A. Overview Ten beautiful girls and ten pengrawit (accompanists) at the age of less than 25 years old danced in synchronous movements. The dance performed was so synchronous and full of symbolical meanings. Sunglasses, socks, and Western clothes, became the main costumes. The costumes indicated the military elements of this dance, ... detail... »
Krumpyung Music A. Overview Over the time, traditional music is having less and less devotee. Krumpyung, a kind of music whose one of the main instruments is bamboo, is one of them. In the battle with modernism, Krumpyung music from Kulon Progo Regency struggles to keep its existence. If heard in a glance, the soft tone of Krumpyung music sounds as ... detail... »
Jogja Java Carnival A. Overview Anniversary of a city is usually celebrated in merrymaking. Numbers of activities are held, such as night vigil, art and cultural performance, exhibition of local products and also music concert. Yogyakarta is one of the cities in Indonesia that always hold the merriest anniversary. This City of Students holds its ... detail... »
Yogyakarta Classic Dances A. Overview As a city famous for its culture, Yogyakarta has many classic dances which have existed since a long time ago. The classic dances of Yogyakarta that flourished in the keraton (royal palace) neighborhood are cultural works of high artistic values that defines the city along with many other aspects. In general, artistic ... detail... »
Ramayana Ballet A. Introduction Sendratari Ramayana, also known as Ramayana Ballet, is an art exhibition that combines drama and dance to perform Ramayana story. Ramayana story is a legend beautifully carved on the wall of Siwa Temple, one of the temples in Prambanan complex. If you walk around the temple in a pradaksina (clockwise) direction, you ... detail... »
Topeng Dance Credit Photo: detail... »