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Special Architecture
The Dome Houses A. Overview Javanese word ‘rumah’ or ‘omah’ signifies a construction of a residential building (a house) that has important meanings and is closely related to the life of people living in it. Most of the houses in Javanese villages take rectangular or cubical shape. Such houses are known as limasan or joglo. Yet, at a ... detail... »
The Great Masque of Central Java Sumber Foto: Dony Syahrastany detail... »
Balai Pinang Lima (Malay Museum and BKPBM`s Office) A. Brief Information Balai Pinang Lima is a museum wherein numerous Malay cultural properties are kept well and likewise, the office building of the Center for Research and Development of Malay Culture (BKPBM) – a non-governmental institution organized by Malay people settling Yogyakarta Province. BKPBM is an institution concerning on ... detail... »
Riau Malay Traditional HouseA. Brief Information Riau Malay Traditional House is fully decorated with beautiful carvings, and colorful woven cloth with special motifs of Riau Malay. The building has two storeys which are functioned for customary activities and all relating to the mores of Riau Malay culture. Moreover, the conferment of Malay custom title for ... detail... »
Jame` Asr Hassanil Bolkiah Mosque Credit Photo: - Henryk Sadura detail... »