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Other Historical Tourism
Weapons Storage Warehouse (Gunpowder)A. Overview Pulau Penyengat (lit. Wasp Island) located at the western Tanjungpinang city with approximately 3,5 km length stores lot of symbols of triumph of Malay Riau Sultanate. Those symbols are found on some heritages and historical buildings, such as the palace, burial complex, and weapons storage. One of the building that is ... detail... »
Leang-leang Prehistoric ParkA. Brief Information Leang-leang is a site where numerous prehistoric remnants can be found. In local language, “leang” means cave since many caves are available there with hundreds of witnesses of prehistoric civilization. Two of archaeologists who found the site are Van Heekeren and Miss Heeren. They discover the red rock-paintings ... detail... »
Gedung Juang 45 RiauCredit Photo: detail... »
Tamansari Water Castle A. Overview Tamansari Water Castle is one of the cultural heritages of Yogyakarta Sultanate that stand hitherto. Tamansari was built during the reign of Sri Sultan Hamengku Buwono I, precisely in 1758. The castle has undergone several renovations to keep it beautiful without diminishing its original historic and aesthetic values. ... detail... »
Gunongan A. Brief Information Gunongan that is situated in Taman Sari (Taman Sari Kingdom) is the symbol of Sultan Iskandar Muda`s love to Putroe Phang, his wife who came from Pahang, Malaysia. As the story goes by, Putroe Phang was full of solitude feeling since the bustle of Sultan Iskandar Muda as a head of state administrations.  She ... detail... »
Meriam Puntung (The Broken Cannon)Credit Photo: Teuku Cut Mahmud Aziz detail... »
Mayura Water ParkA. Brief InformationVisiting West Nusa Tenggara province will not be complete  before visiting Mayura   Water Park.  It is a unique and special water park; the combination of park and the concepts  of pond and shrine which are fully decorated by the motives of Balinese,  Javanese and Lombok, will amaze you ... detail... »