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Other Special Interest Tourism
Jogja Animal Reservation Center (PPSJ) A. Overview Jogja Animal Reservation (PPSJ) is an institution housing protected animals which are the results of seizure from people trading it or keeping them as pets. According to the Act No. 5/1990 about Conservation of Biological Natural Resources and its Ecosystem, protected animals must not be objects of trade or private ... detail... »
Sunday Morning Market at UGM A. Overview Sunday morning is a perfect time to relax with family at home. Some people would also go jogging on this day. One of the most favorite places for physical exercise in Yogyakarta is the front yard of Grha Saba Pramana (GSP) of Gadjah Mada University (UGM). Every Sunday this spot is crowded by people jogging with friends and ... detail... »
Kasongan A. Overview Kasongan is the name of shopping tourism destination in Bantul Regency, The Special Province of Yogyakarta. Kasongan area is popular for its earthenware products. In the past, the pottery making in this area was limited only for household equipment, such as kendi (earthenware water carafe), kendil (earthenware rice cooker), ... detail... »
Purawisata, Art and Cultural Center A. Brief Information For the people who live in Yogyakarta, the name of Purawisata Art and Cultural Center, or better known as Purawisata, is not a new thing. For some people, Purawisata is a place where you can enjoy dangdut music show every night. Likewise, this is a place where Ramayana Ballet is performed. Indeed, Purawisata, which ... detail... »