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Agrotourism Tambi Tea Plantation A. Brief Information When hearing “Wonosobo,” a great number of people will be reminded of Mie Ongklok and Dieng Plateau. Actually, besides those two things, Wonosobo also has a tea plantation, which is often called Tambi Agro tourism. Tambi Agro tourism is the right choice for those who love escapade tour, or those who want to ... detail... »
 Tanjung Ratu Pepper PlantationA. Brief Information Bangka Belitung Province is famous for its tin mining industry. Besides, it is also famous for its pepper. Becoming the biggest pepper exporter in the world, the European people call it with the “Island of Pepper.” White pepper is the primarily agricultural commodity to be exported abroad. Due to this business is very ... detail... »
Turi Agricultural Tourism A. Brief Information Neither a botanical expert nor an agricultural expert generated the idea of making Zalacca edulis (salak) gardening area, named Turi Agricultural Tourism in Sleman, D.I. Yogyakarta Province. The person was actually a professor of dental faculty named Sudibyo. The professor has many experiences in the development ... detail... »
Batuah Agro Tourism A. Brief Information Batuah agro tourism is a tourism object based on agro business in the district of Kutai Kartanegara, East Kalimantan Province, Indonesia. This garden was officially declared on July 8th 2000 by the then Governor of East Kalimantan. The total area of the garden is 35 hectares, filled by various plants, such as ... detail... »