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This page contains comments made by readers to our editorial staff. The comments can be sent through our e-mail : The readers can also fill the form available in menu "contact us", or Click here to send comment

As our appreciation to the readers who have sent the e-mail, their comments will be displayed in this page so that others can read them.

Please, send your comments, suggestions, and critique, through our aforementioned e-mail. Thank you very much.


  1. Made Sumalia (Kuta - Bali - Indonesia)
  2. Joan Golding (Ireland)
  3. Janus Wu (
  4. Henny Fauziyah (Central Kalimantan - Indonesia)
  5. Fitri Yanti (Yogyakarta - Indonesia)
  6. Amrizal (Solo - Central Java - Indonesia)
  7. Hillary Lasut (Talaud - North Sulawesi - Indonesia)
  8. Anugroho (Surabaya - East Java - Indonesia)
  9. Rahmad Taufik (Medan - North Sumatra - Indonesia)

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