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Tourism Object Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam - Indonesia

  • The natural view inside National Park of Gunung Leuser

  • Coast in Banda Aceh City

  • Lake Laut Tawar

  • Suhom Waterfall, located in Suhom Village and Krueng Kala, Lhoong Sub-district, Aceh Besar District.

Cultural Tourism

  • The Traditional Art of Didong

Religious Tourism

Culinary Tourism

  • Ulee Kareng Coffe Shop

  • Al Muslim University of Peusangan

  • Becak Aceh (Pedicab)

  • Takengon City

  • Rencong, Traditional Weapon from Aceh

Sport Tourism

Shopping Tourism

  • People buying meat at Lambaro Market to cook rending dish

General Tourism