Ahad, 26 Dzul Qa'dah 1438 (Saturday, 19 August 2017 11:03)

Tourism Object North Sumatra - Indonesia

Natural Tourism

Historical Tourism

  • Maimoon Palace, at St. Sultan Ma’mun Al Rashid 66, Medan

  • Meriam Puntung (The Broken Cannon)

  • Azizi Mousque of Langkat District

Cultural Tourism

  • Serampang Dua Belas Dance

Religious Tourism

  • Iman Dairi Tourism Park

Culinary Tourism

  • Rojak Aceh Samalanga, a Typical Food of Medan

  • North Sumatra University Library

  • Medan Post Office

  • London House in Medan

  •  Monument of Revolution in Berastagi City, Caro District

Sport Tourism

  • Rafting sport athletes conquering Asahan swift current

Shopping Tourism

  • Petisah Market

General Tourism