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Home > Tourism Forest > Forest Tourism of Malino
Forest Tourism of Malino
Gowa District - South Sulawesi - Indonesia
Forest Tourism of Malino
Forest Tourism of Malino
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A. Brief Information

Malino is a tourism place with a very astonishing natural panorama. At the place, 1.500 meters height above the sea surface, there is forest tourism of Malino that is known as pine forest consisting of fertile, hefty, and leafy pine trees carpet. Besides, at this place It is also found the markisah estate of producing special beverage from Malino city, that is Markisah juice. With the beautiful mount, the leafy pine trees, the markisah tree, the cool and fresh air as well, all of which make this place visited by numbers of tourists, both domestic and international, especially on holidays.

B. Distinctive Feature

The visitors can see the marvellous natural enchantment, with fertile, green, and leafy pine forest. Besides, the scarce Dutch inheritance, Edelweis and Sesbania trees with orange flower, and Masamba flower, can also be found here. The colour of the plants can change every month, from green, yellow, to white. On the top of Malino Mountains, there is vegetable garden , making the location more enchanted

If the visitors wanted to feel different atmosphere, around the tourism place of Malino forest, there are other tourism places such as Takapala Waterfall in Bulutana, and Lembanna Waterfall which is about 8 kilometres from Malino City, Lembah Biru Pool, tea estate of Nittoh from Japan in Pattapan, horticulture plants in Karenpia, and the various flora and fauna.

C. Location

The Malino is in the South of Makasar City, precisely in the sub-district of Tingimoncong, district of Gowa, South Sulawesi Province, Indonesia. 

D. Access

The tourism place of Malino Forest is about 70 kilometres from Sungguminasa City (Gowa) or 90 kilometres from Makasar City. From Sungguminasa, the trip could be taken for 2-3 hours by private or public transportation.

E. Ticket Price

In the Confirmation Process

F. Accommodation and other Facilities

For the visitors who wanted to enjoy the beauty of Malino nature much longer, don`t be worry, as this place is provided with hotels and villas to spend night. At the waterfall tourism location, there is a hotel with cost only IDR 50,000.00/night/room. There is lot of hose rents for tourists who want to reach Takapala Waterfall, about 4 kilometres from the South of Malino.



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