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Bledug Kuwu
Grobogan District - Central Java - Indonesia
Bledug Kuwu
Bledug Kuwu
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A. Brief Information

Since the reign of old Mataram Kingdom (732 928 A.D.), bledug kuwu has been shaped out naturally from the volcanic mud in the district of Grobogan, Central Java, Indonesia. Over and above the existence of eternal fire resources of Mrapen and Kedungombo dam, Bledug Kuwu is the worth visiting tourism destination in Grobogan District, Central Java Province. Bledug Kuwu is derived from Javanese language, bledug means explotion/ to explode and kuwu/ kuwur  means  run or scattered about.

The early history of bledug kuwu was started when a man namely Joko Linglung was going home from the Pacific Ocean to Medang Kamulan Kingdom through a hole that is now bledug kuwu after defeating Prabu Dewata Cengkar. Joko Linglung made the hole himself as he was able to transform  into a snake. Such ability was a requirement to be admitted as the son of Aji Saka, the roler of Medang Kamulan Kingdom.

B. Distinctive Features

Along the journey to bledug kuwu, you will see the natural view of thick forest, green farms, and beautiful hilly areas. In the location, you will see frequent small explotions of the mud every two to three minutes. The wallow mud area is 650 meters in diameter. Sometimes, the mud`s explotions can be as high as local inhabitants` houses.

The existence of bledug kuwu is utilized by local inhabitants for livehood resources by producing salt. The activity of local people in producing salt in the location is a distinction which is rarely found in the mainland. The expertise of local people in producing salt was recorded on the history of Surakarta Kingdom.

C. Location

Bledug Kuwu lies in Kuwu Village, Kradenan Sub-district, Grobogan District, Central Java Province, Indonesia.

D. Access

Taking public transportation like bus from Semarang bus station to the location requires IDR 10000 for the costs. Then, you must continue the trip to the location by taking minibus with IDR 5000 in charge.

E. Ticket Price

The entrance ticket to the location for observing the natural phenomenon of vulcanic mud in bledug kuwu is IDR 500 (per April 2008).

F. Accommodation and other Facilities

Some food stalls, guesthouses and other supporting facilities can be easily found around the location. Of course, the shops selling local salt can be found as well.


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