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Being established in January 10th, 2008, WisataMelayu.com has been visited more than 13 million people from many countries in the world. As a portal or a database of all tourism destinations in the Malay Archipelago, WisataMelayu.com is totally dedicated to the welfare of Malay people in the entire world by publicizing the beauty of its nature, the glory of its history and the specialty of its culture. Therefore, it provides you with the information which can be learned, appreciated, and visited by other countries from all over the world.

We compile the scattered data from many regions and countries Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei Darussalam, Singapore, Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, Philippine, Sri Lanka, Madagascar, and South Africa in order to classify, write, and present those data on WisataMelayu.com. In addition, we discuss and translate the reports into various languages. Today WisataMelayu.com has more than 1.000 profiles of tourism objects and 4.000 articles about tourism. However, we have been never recognised: who you are; where you are from; what your occupations are; and what your interests are.

Then, we remember about a proverb, You cant love what you dont know, thereby, we want to know about you.

We develop WisataMelayu.com into a registered-visitor-only website since September 5th, 2009. Therefore, please fulfill the form. It would only take one or two minutes. By registering yourself into WisataMelayu.com, you are now free to browse all the websites contents, such as those on menus Tourism Object and Tourism Article.

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