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Banda Aceh City - Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam - Indonesia

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A. Brief Information

Gunongan that is situated in Taman Sari (Taman Sari Kingdom) is the symbol of Sultan Iskandar Muda`s love to Putroe Phang, his wife who came from Pahang, Malaysia. As the story goes by, Putroe Phang was full of solitude feeling since the bustle of Sultan Iskandar Muda as a head of state administrations.  She kept remembering her home in Pahang, Malaysia. Fortunately, Sultan Iskandar Muda knew the problem then he built a small mount named Gunongan as a miniature of hills surrounding the Pahang Palace. Since then, Putroe Phang felt exciting. Almost all her times were spent along with other Palace`s ladies by climbing it. 

B. Distinctive Features

Gunongan is located directly in front of the graveyard of the Dutch fleets. It was built in 1607 - 1636 A.D. on the tenure of Sultan Iskandar Muda in the 17th century. It is not so big; it is hexagonal building which resembling flower with three storeys where on the peak can be found a crown pillar. An entrance door is not too high and keeps on locked. There is a corridor leading to the third storey of the building.

Besides the main building, there is a building called Kandang Baginda. It is a graveyard of the Aceh Sultanate family, one of them is the tomb of Sultan Iskandar Muda`s adopted son, Sultan Iskandar Tsani (1636 - 1641 A.D.) from Malaysia.

C. Location

Gunongan lies in Taman Sari Gunongan, Seutui Village, Banda Aceh City, Nagroe Aceh Darussalam Province, Indonesia.

D. Access

It is easy to reach the destination remembering Seutui Village is located in the centre of Banda Aceh City. You can enter the location from the gateway on Teuku Umar Street. There are numerous public transportations around the locations such as pedicab, taxi, motorized pedicab, and labi-labi (typical public transportation of Nangroe Aceh Darussalam). Those public transportations usually pass by Taman Sari Gunungan route, Lhoknga - Aceh Traditional Market, Lamteumen - Aceh Traditional Market, and Lamlagang - Aceh Traditional Market.

E. Ticket Price

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F. Accommodations and other Facilities

Considering the location of Gunungan is in the centre of Banda Aceh City, it will be easy to find either luxurious hotels or middle class hotels around the location.



Credit Photo: Teuku Cut Mahmud Aziz

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