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Kuta Beach
Badung District - Bali - Indonesia

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Beautifully Magnificent Twilight In Kuta
collection of www.wisatamelayu.com (photographer Mahyudin Al Mudra)
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A. Brief Information

For either domestic or foreign tourists,  enjoying twilight in Bali Island will not be complete yet before witnessing the  beautiful sunset of Kuta Beach. Kuta Beach is totally different from Sanur  Beach, which offers you a magnificent view of sunrise. Not only does the  beach offer panoramic view of sunset in the evening, but also the eye-catching  scenery of the beach's arch line in the shape of crescent with two kilometers  length of white sand.

In the past, Kuta was one of busy trade  port in Bali Island that was functioned as the center  for agricultural products commerce with the hinterland inhabitants as the sellers,  and outsider as the buyers. In the 19th century, Mads Lange, a trader  from Denmark,  settled in and established a trading office in Kuta. As he was known as a good  negotiator, Mads Lange became a mediator between the kings of Bali  with the Dutch colonials.

Sunset Viewed From A Shelter

Sunset Viewed From A Shelter

Following the publishing of Hugh  Mahbett's book entitled Pujian untuk Kuta (The Praise for Kuta), it began  to be known by a number of people over the globe. The book suggests that the local  inhabitants to provide tourism facilities in order to improve tourists' comfort  during the visit to Kuta. Following the improvement on tourism facilities,  several people started building inns, lodgments, and hotels around the  location.


B. Distinctive Features

As the most famous tourism  destination in Bali   Island, most of the  visitors coming to the beach say that they want to experience the fresh air, to  take a stroll, and to have breakfast in the morning. In the afternoon, they will  be delighted to look around the location while enjoying the wonderful nature  scenery, and sun bathing. There are families taking their children to play with  the sand, or other activities to kill the time.

Towards evening tourists increase  steadily as they turn their heads to see the most attracting of panoramic view of  the beach, sunset in Kuta. The atmosphere at night is enormously please with  the nightlife nuance in many bars and cafes.

Another attraction of Kuta Beach  is the challenging wave, which is dreamed mostly by surfers. This location  often becomes a national and international surfing competition arena. Nevertheless,  Kuta is the right place to learn how to be a good surfer.


C. Location

In Kuta  Sub-district, Badung District, the Province  of Bali, Indonesia


D. Access

To access Kuta  Beach, you may start the journey to  Kuta from Denpasar   City. From that Denpasar,  you can reach Kuta with approximately 11 km southern. Likewise, you can reach the  location by taking any public transport in around 15 - 20 minutes.


E. Ticket Price

In the confirmation process

F. Accommodation and Other Facilities

Kuta has been refurbished with some  supporting facilities such as surfing training center and surfing equipments rentals.  For you who want to learn surfing, the beach management provides special places  for renting surfing equipment and of course the surfing trainers. Kuta has also  several arenas for buggy jumping and water recreation. Besides, cafes, bars,  pubs, discotheques, and lives music events can be easily found here.

  For shopping mania, numerous souvenir  peddlers offer you many kinds of handicrafts, accessories, beach cloths, and  T-shirts. Nearby the beach, you can find supermarkets, star hotels, food tents,  and restaurants serving various foods, typically Indonesia  and Bali.

"(Left) Kuta Beach Viewed From A Villa, (Right) Several Peddlers Are Offering Their Goods

(Left) Kuta Beach Viewed From A Villa, (Right) Several Peddlers Are Offering Their Goods

If you want to seek relaxation in, Kuta Beach  provides you with special site for having massages with IDR 20,000 for a half  hour, and IDR 40,000 for an hour. Furthermore, there are professional staffers of  Kuta Beach management who will be ready to  make up.  

(Lukman Solihin/wm/22/04-08)

Translated by Irfan Nugroho (wm/30/12-08)

If you are from outside Yogyakarta and want to visit this place by travel agency services, please contact :

Maharatu Tour and Travel

Jl. Sisingamangaraja No. 27 Yogyakarta.
Telp. +62 274 8373005. Fax. +62 274 379250
Email : maharatu@maharatu.com -maharatu257@yahoo.com
Website : www.maharatu.com

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