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Anyer Beach
Serang District - Banten - Indonesia

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Anyer Beach
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A. Brief Information

Anyer Beach has become a famous tourism destination in the province of Banten, Indonesia since 1980. Anyer comes into popular just because its status as one of the Banten`s Seven Wonders of Nature, and its geographic location that is near to the capital Jakarta. Moreover, the Banten Provincial Government has committed to develop Anyer Beach into a worth visiting tourism object in Indonesia. Some supporting facilities to improve the service to the public are quite complete. Indeed, that is an evidence of the Banten Government`s commitment.

B. Distinctive Features

Anyer Beach offers beautifully magnificent view for you. The blue skies are the roof for the blue sea, and its white sands spread along the coast line. Its water is clean and clear, and the wave is fairly high so that many fishes live there. Likewise, you can see the wonderful view of sunset and sunrise.

You can have some activities on Anyer Beach. You can have beach volley ball, football above the beach sand, diving, surfing, swimming, or just hanging around the location. For you fishing lovers, Anyer Beach is the right place to fulfil your hobby and interest after work in big cities. You can enjoy picturesque scenery while sitting beneath the available shelters. If you want to feel different sensation, you can enjoy the scenery through motorized boats or from the lighthouse. Interested on photography? Anyer Beach and surrounding areas provide so much beautifully enchanting view of nature.

C. Location

Anyer Beach is administratively located in Anyer Sub-district, Serang District, Banten, Indonesia. The location is about 160 km away from Jakarta, Indonesia.

D. Access

To reach the location is quite easy. You can take either private cars or public transport to reach the location. Departing from Jakarta, you need approximately two hours passing through Jakarta - Merak highways via West Cilegon gate. From there you can continue the trip in ease. Likewise, you can take Jakarta - Merak train.

E. Ticket Price

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F. Accommodation and other Facilities

Many facilities have been provided for the visitor. Various types of inn are available as well. You can find some resorts, cottages, homestays, villas and hotels.  Restaurants around the beach provide many kinds of foods typically Indonesia, especially Banten Province. Other facilities such as tourism information centre, guides, beach guards, parking areas, playing grounds, sunbathing areas, shelters, souvenir shops, camping grounds, diving equipment rentals, bicycles, traditional boats, and motorized boats are available there. Moreover, it has now been equipped with hot spot area.

(Yusriandi Pagarah/wm/52/06-08)

Translated by Fuji Hastuti (OS) (02/03-09)


Sumber Foto: http://anisa-herdiani.blogspot.com

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