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Baron Beach
Gunung Kidul District - D.I. Yogyakarta - Indonesia

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Baron Beach
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A. Overview

The line of beaches along Yogyakarta south coast that stretches east to west is really a special attraction for tourists. Each of the beaches offers distinctive features such as seafood, breathtaking sunset scene, white sand, and many others.

And so is Baron Beach. Like other beaches in the shoreline, this beach is just as beautiful. Baron Beach offers exquisite scenery and appetizing seafood. No wonder that tourists love this beach more than the nearby Siung and Sundak Beaches. Baron Beach can even be compared to famously beautiful beaches of other areas like Parangtritis, Depok, and Glagah for instance.

Baron Beach is situated in Gunungkidul Regency, precisely in Kemadang Village, Tanjungsari District. Just as the other beaches in the southern coastal edge of Yogyakarta, the waves in Baron are huge at times so tourists should not cross the given safe line and must be careful in the water.

The beach is actually a bay surrounded by two headlands on its right and left. The brown sand spreads along the shore. Upon the shore, there are boats facing the land. The boats just arrive from the sea or are in a rest when it is not the time for fishing. Baron Beach has become a quay for the fishermen. The beach, thus, is also fitted out with a Fish Auction Market (TPI).

What is no less interesting than the beach is the trip to get there. Along the way to Baron, there is naturally exotic scenery of villages. Hills, farmlands, and green landscapes would be some kind of refreshments. Driving in the narrow windy road could in fact be an enjoyable experience.

B. Features

At Baron, swimming is allowed as long as it does not cross the safe line because somehow, the waves could be huge any time. There tourists can have a sand play, enjoying having sticky bodies because of the sea water, and feeling the breeze which is sometimes quite strong. Having done playing in the water, tourists can take a bath at an underground spring, which is very refreshing. Unlike usual rivers, this river is relatively untouched as it is situated underground.

Playing with sand and water is fun. But it will not be complete without savoring the seafood. There are food stalls in the beach that have various kinds of seafood at relatively low prices. Tourists can also buy fishes in the Fish Auction Market and cook them themselves. The fishes, of course, are still fresh.

Two headlands which flank at both sides of the beach are camping ground for those who like adventure and want to enjoy Baron at night. From upon a headland, tourists can see the ocean, the other headland across, and white and blue boats lining neatly in a row. The scene is good for trekking. It would be very challenging to walk up and down the rocky headlands.

The beach looks more beautiful at dusk, when the sky turns yellowish red and the sun sets slowly. It will certainly be a great experience for dusk lovers. For information, the sunset view is better on the east headland.

C. Location

Administratively, Baron is situated in Kemadang Village, Tanjungsari District, Gunungkidul Regency, Yogyakarta. The beach is 65 km away south of Yogyakarta or 20 km from Wonosari.

D. Access

To get to Baron Beach, there are several choices of transportation, i.e. taxi, bus, or private vehicle either car or motorcycle.

Taking public transportation, the route is as follows:

From Tugu Station, take a Transjogja bus route 1A then change with a route 3B bus at Adisucipto Airport Bus Stop for Giwangan Bus Station. The bus fare is Rp 3.000,00. If departing from Adisucipto Airport, take a route 3B bus to get straight to Giwangan Bus Station.

From Giwangan Bus Station, take a minibus to Wonosari. The trip will take 1 or 2 hours before arriving at Wonosari Bus Station, where tourists should change buses for Baron Beach.

E. Ticket

The entrance ticket for each visitor is Rp 5.000,00. The ticket is also for other three beaches near Baron, i.e. Sundak, Krakal, and Kukup. There is a parking charge at Baron, which is Rp 2.500,00 for a car and Rp 1.000,00 for a motorcycle.

F. Accommodations and Other Facilities

Baron has many facilities for tourists such as vast parking lot, seafood restaurants, affordable hostels, camping ground, and some places for fishing.

Mujibur Rohman


Picture: Collection www.wisatamelayu.com

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