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Kukup Beach
Gunung Kidul District - D.I. Yogyakarta - Indonesia

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Kukup Beach
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A. Overview

Yogyakarta has numerous worth-visiting beaches. Of which at least 20 have been popular among tourists. Each has their own enchantment to offer. Parangtritis, Parangkusumo, or Glagah are just some examples. There are also those who are located near to each other like Baron, Kukup, Krakal and Drini.

Kukup Beach is one of the main tourism sites in Gunungkidul, Yogyakarta. Exotic view is there just before visitiors arrive at the beach. Meandering, up and down road toward the beach, and shady tropical trees at the road sides are the enchanting view along the journey to the beach.

Tourists will be more satisfied after seeing the scenic landscape of the beach. The blue sea water and sky give refreshment for eyes and soul. This will obviously relieve stress and weariness after workdays.

The beach has corals that function as bridge. From above the coral bridge tourists can see the scenic view of the borderless sea and the pounding waves. This atmosphere is best enjoyed together with the family.

B. Features

Kukup Beach is rich for marine biota and beautiful fishes. It looks like a natural aquarium with coral on its coastal line. Tourists can buy ornamental fish, congereel, starfish, and even baby shark to add to be put into their aquariums at home. Tourists can catch them with a small dragnet which is sold by hawkers along the beach.

Kukup beach keeps exotic coral caves suitable to shade when the sun is blazing hot. Just similar to the coastal line, the caves also offer marine biota which live in the puddle formed from the sea water which enter the caves. However, visitors must be very careful before splashing into the water because there are many coral reefs in the shallow water area.

Kukup beach is a model area of beach tourism management. It is even the pilot project of beach development and management in Gunungkidul. Kukup coastal area is managed autonomously by the local people. Every Ashura Month (the 10th of Muharram), a ritual called Sedekah Laut or labuhan is held in this beach.

From Kukup Beach, tourists can continue their trip to nearby tourism sites such as Baron Beach, which is one of the chain-links of the beach tourism in this area. Baron is only 1 km from Kukup and accessible on foot. It is perfect for tourists who love fishing.

C. Location

Kukup Beach is located at Kemadang Subdistrict, Tanjungsari District, Gunungkidul Regency, Yogyakarta. It is approximately 1 km east of Baron Beach and 25 km south of Wonosari downtown.

D. Access

To get to this beach you must first go to Wonosari, the capital of Gunungkidul Regency, about 40 km from Yogyakarta downtown. From here, you must take another 22 km of trip southwards.

If you choose to take a public transportation, you can take a bus for Rp 4,000 or a micro bus of Yogyakarta - Wonosari route. At Wonosari you must change the micro bus heading for Baron for Rp 2,000 (November 2009).

E. Ticket

Tourists are charged Rp 2,000 for the entrance ticket to Kukup Beach (November 2009).

F. Accommodations and Facilities

Kukup Beach provides pendopo (hall for resting) on the cottege just like that of at Baron Beach. Tourists can also buy souvenirs sold by the hawkers or at the stalls along the beach. There are also sellers of ornamental fishes and corals along the beach.

Adi Tri Pramono

Translation by Apri Widiastuti


Photo(s): Collections of wisatamelayu.com

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