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Rokan Hilir District - Riau - Indonesia

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The Procession of Tongkang Burn Tradition of Tionghoa in Bagansiapiapi
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A. Overview

Tongkang is an artistic boat made of paper. The tradition to burn Tongkang (Chinese: go ge cap lak) is one of the annual cultural tourisms that have become the mainstay of Rokan Hilir District and Riau Province. The tradition has been included in Indonesia tourism visit agenda 2008. This typical ritual of Chinese ethnic in Bagansiapiapi, Riau, is held in every 15th and 16th April, the fifth month of Chinese lunar calendar.

One day before holding the ritual, tongkang along with its replica are paraded toward the oldest Pagoda in Bagansiapiapi to be lodged overnight and will be brought to an open space to be burned on the next day.

For some people, this ritual is used to see their fortunes of their business in the following year. When the pole of tongkang after being burned is facing to the sea, then the business is more directed to the sea. Conversely, when facing the ground, then the business is focused to the ground. Some opinion mentions that the tradition is only an expression of gratitude to God, who bestowed His kindness to them. Another opinion says as an expression of determination to make the place as their homeland, as well as self-affirmation to be never return to the ancestral homeland.

B. Features

Tongkang burn tradition in Bagansiapiapi is unique and only one in Indonesia. We can watch a variety of attractions with strong character of Chinese ethnic knick-knacks. In the event, we can watch the Barongsai dance, opera, traditional dances of Chinese ethnic, and modern musical performances featured by some artists brought from Indonesia and aboard. 

C. Location

The ritual is held in Bagansiapiapi City, Rokan Hilir district, Riau Province, Indonesia. The city is located about 300 kilometers north of Pekanbaru City, the capital of Riau province.

D. Access

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E. Ticket prices

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F. Accommodation and Facilities

The local government has provided various supporting facilities, such as lodging places and outlets to get various unique crafts of Bagansiapiapi. (Yusriandi Pagarah)


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