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Lake Linau
Minahasa District - North Sulawesi - Indonesia

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Lake Linau
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A. Brief Information

Lake Linau is a unique lake for its high level of sulphur content that cause it  tends to turn its color based on the viewing perspective and the lighting angle  of the sun. There are numerous endemic faunas like Blibis birds and  insects called "Sayok" or "Komo." Those winged insects living in  the water are consumed by the inhabitants around the lake.

Sometimes, you can hear some little and white big birds` warble flying  across the lake building their homes around there. Many kinds of plants can be  found there. You will also find a green-grassed area for having a pleasant  lunch where the soft breeze will always be a good friend there.

B. Distinctive Features

Besides the panoramic view of surrounding area, Lake Linau  has special characteristics as the tendency to turn its color because of the high  level of sulphur content. That is the beauty of the lake that will amaze you by  watching it from different viewing perspectives. However, you must be careful  of a deep heat mud in the lakeside. 

C. Location

Linau Lake lies in Tomohon city,  Minahasa district, North Sulawesi province, Indonesia

D. Access

Lake Linau can be reached by public transportations such as Mikrolet (Minibus) nearby Tomohon bus station, then continue to the destination by walk  for about 700 meters away.

E. Ticket Price

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F. Accommodation and other Facilities

For you who love its beauty, you can enjoy the enchantments of  Lahendong village nearby Lake   Linau. You may spend more  days since there are many lodgments that can be easily found there.



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