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Other Natural Tourism

  • A. Overview Exploring the hinterland of Kulon Progo, you really cannot miss Clereng Bathing Place. It is a tourism object of a natural pond with water coming out from Clereng spring. The bathing place is situated in a range of hills through which pure water flowing from the spring. Local people use the water for drink and irrigation. In ... detail... »

  • A. Overview Located in the equator line, Indonesia has tropical climate with high rainfall. However, it is surprising that in this prosperous country there is such a unique natural phenomenon like sand dune which looks like the Middle East desert. This sand dune phenomenon exists alongside Opak River estuary to Parangtritis Beach, ... detail... »

  • A. Brief Information Colo Tourism Area is located on Muria Mountains, which is 1.602 m above the sea level, and is a plateau consists of several mounts and hills, such as Mount Argo Jembangan, Mount Argo Ploso, Mount Rahtawu, Pasar Hill, and Ringgit Hill. The name of Colo is taken from the name of a village on the peak of Mount ... detail... »

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  • Batu Raden

    Batu Raden

    A. Brief Information Batu Raden is a worth visiting tourism destination located in Banyumas District, Central Java. Since the first time it was officially launched for public visit, the location has been known as a mountainous tourism destination. Here you can see the wonderful scenery of the surrounding areas offering fresh air with ... detail... »

  • A. Brief Information Jembatan Aka is inferred has been growing up for more than a hundred years. It is a natural phenomenon where the roots of two kubang trees (Ficus sp) are plaited each other. Kubang tree is a clump of trees that grows around riverside. Starting from the eagerness of unifying two villages separated by a river, a ... detail... »

  • Bledug Kuwu

    Bledug Kuwu

    A. Brief Information Since the reign of old Mataram Kingdom (732 – 928 A.D.), bledug kuwu has been shaped out naturally from the volcanic mud in the district of Grobogan, Central Java, Indonesia. Over and above the existence of eternal fire resources of Mrapen and Kedungombo dam, Bledug Kuwu is the worth visiting tourism destination ... detail... »

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    A. Brief Information Pawan Hot Spring is on the top list of tourism destinations in Riau Province. It is frequently visited by visitors especially on holiday or Sunday. B. Distinctive Features Pawan Hot Spring is densely visited by visitors for the existence of two hot springs as the consequence of different post volcanic. There ... detail... »

  • A. Brief Information Samarinda botanical garden is a unique tourist object because it integrates recreation and education about the nature and environment. The whole breadth of this botanical garden is 300 hectares. In the beginning, this botanical garden was HPH area of CV Kayu Mahakam owned by Ali Akbar Afloes. In 1974, the owner ... detail... »

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