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  • A. Overview The name Nyi Ageng Serang must be familiar for Indonesian people. She is one of Indonesian national heroines who struggled to fight the Dutch colonial. Born in Serang, Purwodadi, Central Java, in 1752, Nyi Ageng Serang’s real name was R.A. Kustiyah Wulaningsih Retno Edi. She was the daughter of Panembahan ... detail... »

  • A. Overview Nobody had ever thought that Gajah hill, one of the hills in Wukirsari, Imogiri, Bantul, would be a graveyard complex for artists except Dr. (HC) RM. Sapti Hoedojo FRSA (FellowRoyal School of Art). The Solo born artist on February 6, 1925 had dreamed about building an artist cemetery complex since 1980s, twenty years ... detail... »

  • A. Brief InformationThe word “Kerkoff” is derived from the Dutch language that means “graveyard,” while “Peucut” (Pocut) comes from Poteu Cut that means “prince.” Relief on the wall at the entrance gate mentions the names of the Dutch soldiers who were died in a battle against Aceh civilians (each of them states 30 ... detail... »

  • Credit Photo: www.wisatamelayu.com detail... »

  • A. Overview The royal graveyard is situated at the top of Imogiri hill, Bantul, Yogyakarta. It stands up there as if to affirm high social and political status of the people rested in there. Indeed, the complex, that has ± 409 steps to the top, was a royal graveyard of Islamic Mataram Kingdom. For the Javanese, mountains or hills are ... detail... »

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  • A. Brief Information Never forget to visit Sunan Bonang`s grave for pilgrimage when you are in Tuban, East Java Province. Tourists often visit this graveyard every Ramadhan month. Sunan Bonang`s graveyard in Tuban is one of four Sunan Bonang`s graves. The other Sunan Bonang`s assumed-graves are located in Bawean Island, Gresik ... detail... »

  • Waruga


    A. Brief Information Waruga is an ancient material culture indicating the special characteristics of North Sulawesi people. It is a coffin made of stone that is used to put the dead body of North Sulawesi people. It consists of the body and the cover. The dead body is put within the body of Waruga, which has cube shape, in a squatting ... detail... »

  • A. Brief Information Raja Mandapar was the first king of Banggai Kingdom who was inaugurated in 1600 A.D. by the former king named sultan Said Berkad Syam given title as Mumbu Doi Gedong. He was a son of Ternate Sultanate‘s war commander named Adi Cokro, who married to a Portuguese girl. In addition, his father titled as Mumbu ... detail... »

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