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Other Cultural Tourism

  • A. Overview Baganduang Boat Festival is a typical cultural attraction of Kuantan Mudik community in the form of traditional boat parade decorated with various ornaments and attractive colors. The traditional boat decorating festival is held when entering the day of Idulfitri. Baganduang boat means two or three boats ... detail... »

  • A. Overview Pacu Jalur is special traditional rowing race of Kuantan Singingi (Kuansing), which still exists and continues to be developed at the present generally in Riau Province. This rowing race uses a boat made ​​of log and by the community often called Jalur. Pacu Jalur Festival is annually held to ... detail... »

  • A. Overview The late Bagong Kussudiardja was one of the multi-talented artists and greatest culturalists that Indonesia has ever had. He developed a cultural vision of building Indonesia through arts. He had been consistently active in art and culture since 1950s, before finally setting up a non-formal art educational institution in ... detail... »

  • A. Overview Cangkringan, an area at the lower slope of Mount Merapi offers green, refreshing and scenic spot which can be utilized for many kinds of activities. One of the villages in Cangkringan is Senolewah, which is more popular as Bumper Senolewah. Bumper is the abbreviation of bumi perkemahan which means camping ground. ... detail... »

  • A. Overview Ketep tourism site is a plateau located at the top of Ketep Hill at an altitude of over 1200 m and an area of 8000 m2. This tourism site lies in the SSB (Solo-Selo-Borobudur) line well known for the beautiful mountain scene and fresh cold air. Before it was built as a tourism place, Ketep has been visited by people who ... detail... »

  • Masangin


    A. Overview One of hangout spots tourists must visit in the City of Gudeg, Yogyakarta, is the South Square, better known as Alun-alun Kidul (Alkid). The vast space in the back of the Royal Palace has become the town landmark. Its existence clings to the hearts of Yogyakarta people. Every morning, there are usually people doing sports, ... detail... »

  • A. Overview One of the most visited cultural tourist destination in Yogyakarta is Taman Budaya Yogyakarta (TBY). The establishment of Taman Budaya was initially built at Bulaksumur area of Gadjah Mada University (UGM) on March 11, 1977 as a complex of Center for Cultural Development of Special Region of Yogyakarta (DIY). The art and ... detail... »

  • A. Brief Information The existence of sago palm tree (Metroxhylon rumpii) amongst the Ternate people is a significant matter. Sago palm which has reached 10 years old is used as the ingredient for making Papeda (sago porridge) since 10-year sago palm tree can produce sago flour about 80 to 100 kilograms. Papeda is better dished with ... detail... »

  • Andong


    A. Brief Information Andong or Dokar is one of specific transportations from Yogyakarta. It is also known as delman, bendi, or sado. An anthropologist who once did a research on Andong indicated its small shape as the differing factor of andong in Yogyakarta to the ones in other different places such as Surakarta and Cirebon. ... detail... »

  • A. Overview Tira Tangka Balang is an annual festival of the Central Kalimantan community featured with typical custom arts and cultures. Actually, the term "Tira Tangka Balang" is also used as a major slogan of the expanded district of North Barito District in 2002, namely Murung Raya District. According to Dayak language, the term “Tira ... detail... »

  • A. Overview Americans might be proud to have the statue of Liberty that measuring of approximately 92 m height (the statue measuring 46 m height plus 46 meters-high foundation). However, Indonesian people will soon surpass that symbol of "freedom” by building a huge statue of the mega project that some of the results can be seen and some are ... detail... »

  • P
  • A. Overview Horse pitting is one of the popular traditional sports in Southeast Sulawesi, precisely in Muna district. This traditional sport has become an interesting spectacle known by public with the name of pogeraha adara, means horsepower pitting. It has philosophy meaning related to the primacy of rights and dignity in carrying out ... detail... »

  • A. Overview Jakarta Art Building (Indonesian: Gedung kesenian Jakarta) is a historic heritage building of Dutch colonial government stands majesty up until now in Central Jakarta. This building is where the artists from all over the archipelago demonstrate their artistic creations, such as drama, theater, movie, literature, and so forth. ... detail... »