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  • A. Brief Information Sriwijaya Zoo is a right place for Palembang people who want to have a pleasure moment with family considering its location that is located nearby the heart of Palembang City. This 10 ha zoo is inhabited by 50 animals. B. Distinctive Features There are three elephants for visitors who want to have a ... detail... »

  • Ragunan Zoo

    Ragunan Zoo

    A. Brief Information Ragunan Zoo is designed as an opened zoo. With its animal collections, more than 4000 animals and consist of 295 kinds, each animal is conserved in a cage according to its original habitat. About 90 % animals in Ragunan Zoo are original Indonesian animals. The history of this zoo was started by the foundation of ... detail... »

  • A. Brief Information The zoo well known as Gembiraloka is the only zoo in Yogyakarta. Although it is a zoo, Gembiraloka is still categorized as a museum included in category of zoologicum museum or fauna museum and special museum. Seen from the historical perspective, Gembiraloka is  the second oldest museum in Yogyakarta ... detail... »

  • A. Overview Jambi Wilderness and Miniature Park (Indonesian: Taman Mini dan Taman Rimba Jambi) is one of the popular object tourisms located in Jambi. The park is located in the middle of the city, not far from the Sulthan Thaha Syaifuddin Airport. The existence of this attraction is the effort of the local government to provide such a ... detail... »

  • A. Overview Surabaya Zoo (Indonesian: Kebun Binatang Surabaya, or abbreviated as KBS) was established in 1916, through a decree of Governor-General of the Netherlands under the name "Soerabaiasche Planten-en Dierentuin" (Surabaya Zoo and Botanical Garden). Actually, the zoological park establishment was under the service of a journalist named ... detail... »

  • A. Overview Kinantan Park (Indonesian: Taman Marga Satwa dan Budaya Kinantan) was built in the Dutch colonial period in 1900 with the name Stormpark on the Mount Cubadak Bungkuak. Development was designed by Conteleur Gravenzande who served in Bukittinggi. At the start of construction, the park did not have much collection of animals. ... detail... »