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  • A. Brief Information People commonly know Papua for its unique culture, unique outfit (such as koteka), and abundant natural resources. However, for divers and undersea lovers, Papua is a diving paradise which is rich with undersea species. One of the most well known diving area in Papua is Raja Ampat Islands. This area is also known as ... detail... »

  • Credit Photo: www.wisatamelayu.com detail... »

  • A. Brief Information Banda Sea is a waters area directly bordering to Buru Island, Ambon Island, Ceram, Alu Island, Tanimbar Island, Barat Data Island, and Timor Island. Such geographic landscape then causes the sea possesses various fishes and magnificent marine scenery. Many people visit the location for diving, angling, and ... detail... »

  • A. Brief Information Pantar Strait that is the separation of Alor Island and Bantar Island is only visited by more and less 100 foreign tourists to dive in the sea park in a year. Such amount is just a small, out of target, considering that the enormous potencies on it. When the economic crisis hit Indonesia, there were only 187 ... detail... »