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Modern Market

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  • A. Overview Your trip to Yogyakarta would be incomplete without visiting Yogyakarta book market that is better known as the “Shopping Center”. On Sriwedari Street, lines of kiosks displaying various books will be seen right away. Its existence as a book shopping center cannot be separated from the status of Yogyakarta as the city ... detail... »

  • A. Brief Information Manado is a city just like other coastal cities such as Miami in Florida and Los Angles in California. In both cities, erecting buildings in the coastal areas is not a serious problem. Similarly, building shopping or culinary centers can be conducted without destroying the beauty of the beach. There is an ... detail... »

  • A. Overview If you are making trip to Bandung, you should not miss the chance to visit to the Cihampelas Jeans Center. Cihampelas is the name of a street in Bandung that is widely known as the jeans production center, so it is appropriate when many people name it as "Jeans Street". Along the road are lined a dozen of shops designed with unique ... detail... »

  • A. Overview Been to shopping center is certainly a dream for shopaholics, moreover when the shopping center has a relation to the history of the founding of an old city as we can enjoy the feel of its atmosphere while shopping. If you want to try, come to Pasar Baru Shopping Center (Pasar Baroe) in Sawah Besar sub-district, Central Jakarta, ... detail... »