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  • A. Overview Talking about the existence and development of Santo Antonius Church, also known as Kotabaru Church, we cannot rule out the role of Father Fransiskus Xaverius Strater SJ in early 20th century. Before Santo Antonius Church was constructed, Father Strater had built the chapel of Santo Ignatius College (Kolsani) and High ... detail... »

  • A. Brief Information Yogyakarta has been being known as the heart of Javanese culture since long time ago. It is proven by the existence of Yogyakarta Palace and Pura Pakualaman, which are still maintained. Beside the palace, Yogyakarta also has many old buildings with Javanese classic architecture, one of which is the Jesus` Sacred ... detail... »

  • A. Overview An attempt of inculturation or process to adapt and assimilate the local culture to make the population easy to understand the teachings of a religion often occurred when a religion begins to spread in new areas, one of which occurred between Hindu religion and Islamic religion in Kudus, Central Java. The inculturation has been ... detail... »