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  • A. Overview It would feel a bit incomplete to enjoy the relaxing and refreshing shore of Glagah without getting around on the tour boats. The ride in Glagah Indah Lagoon is a real attraction for visitors especially on holidays. You can feel the hissing waves and breeze on the boat, while beautiful shoreline gives the eyes some kind of ... detail... »

  • Siung Beach

    Siung Beach

    A. Overview It will not be good if a visit in Yogyakarta ends without having some of the beaches on the list. Parangtritis Beach is one of the most popular among tourists. Beside it is easy to reach, the beach is relatively close to Yogyakarta downtown. However, those who have visited the beach must want to seek for other beaches to ... detail... »

  • A. Overview Ngobaran Beach is one of tourism objects in Gunungkidul area which offers exotic natural and cultural attraction. The combination of those attractions becomes a unique appeal rarely found in any other beaches in the area. Located about two kilometres west of Ngrenehan Beach, this beach offers not only exciting natural ... detail... »

  • A. Overview Ngrenehan Beach is one out of tens of beaches extending at the southern coastal line of Yogyakarta. Although Ngrenehan is not as popular as the other beaches like Baron, Kukup, Krakal or Sadeng, it offers various interesting and abundant coastal tourism attractions. Some of them are the lovely coral clusters at the beach, ... detail... »

  • Baron Beach

    Baron Beach

    A. Overview The line of beaches along Yogyakarta south coast that stretches east to west is really a special attraction for tourists. Each of the beaches offers distinctive features such as seafood, breathtaking sunset scene, white sand, and many others. And so is Baron Beach. Like other beaches in the shoreline, this beach is ... detail... »

  • Kukup Beach

    Kukup Beach

    A. Overview Yogyakarta has numerous worth-visiting beaches. Of which at least 20 have been popular among tourists. Each has their own enchantment to offer. Parangtritis, Parangkusumo, or Glagah are just some examples. There are also those who are located near to each other like Baron, Kukup, Krakal and Drini. Kukup Beach is one of ... detail... »

  • A. Overview Trisik Beach is one of the main tourism attractions of Kulon Progo Regency. It offers scenic panorama especially at dawn or dusk. Not far from the beach there are green rice fields and coconut plantations owned by the local people. Enjoying this view are perfect for urban people after exhausting routines. Aside from the ... detail... »

  • Anyer Beach

    Anyer Beach

    A. Brief Information Anyer Beach has become a famous tourism destination in the province of Banten, Indonesia since 1980. Anyer comes into popular just because its status as one of the Banten`s Seven Wonders of Nature, and its geographic location that is near to the capital Jakarta. Moreover, the Banten Provincial Government has committed ... detail... »

  • A. Brief Information Banten Province becomes famous for its long coast line; thus you can find some marine tourist destinations there. Anyer and Carita beaches are the two most favourite places during holidays for those who love spending leisure time in the beach. Another enchanting beach in Banten Province is Tanjung Lesung Beach. ... detail... »

  • A. Brief Information Once upon a time, there was a fierce combat between a dog and a porcupine in a place that is now known as Sundak Beach. The dog preyed on the porcupine because of heavy starvation. When the dog`s owner watched the combat, then he named the place Sundak Beach. The word “sundak” is derived from two Javanese ... detail... »

  • Kuta Beach

    Kuta Beach

    A. Brief InformationFor either domestic or foreign tourists,  enjoying twilight in Bali Island will not be complete yet before witnessing the  beautiful sunset of Kuta Beach. Kuta Beach is totally different from Sanur  Beach, which offers you a magnificent view of sunrise. Not only does the  beach offer panoramic view ... detail... »

  • A. Brief Information If you ever imagined yourself lying on white sands on a beautiful beach surrounded by exotic view under bright sunlight then you must come to Senggigi Beach in Lombok Island, West Nusa Tenggara. The beach located on 12 kilometers to the west of Mataram is well known for its beauty. People often suite this beach ... detail... »

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