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  • Solop Beach

    Solop Beach

    A. Brief Information Solop Beach is a worth visiting tourism destination in Indragiri District, Riau Province. The number of visitors comes to the beach mostly on weekend and holidays like: Idul Fitri and Idul Adha. Now the beach becomes the main tourism destination of Dondang Tanak. The beach is the main water lane for ferries ... detail... »

  • Lagoi Beach

    Lagoi Beach

    A. Overview Lagoi Beach is one of the pride and the main interests of Bintan Regency in Riau Isles Province, Indonesia. As a world class tourism destination, it has a magnificent landscape view and clean look. In addition to the natural atractiveness, the hospitality of the indigenes and the beautiful view of coconut trees lining on the beach also ... detail... »

  • A. Brief Information The city of Batam in Batam Island, part of Riau Islands Province, is known as a big industrial city, where a number of factories such as textile and ship factories stand in elegance in the island. Likewise, it is a place where you can get high quality electronic gadgets with considerable, and almost cheap, prices. ... detail... »

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  • Ayah Beach

    Ayah Beach

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  • A. Brief Information Selat Baru Beach – its name is derived from the name of a village where the beach lies – is the second most beautiful beach of Bengkalis District following Rupat Beach in the first. The local government takes great care on the maintenance of some supporting facilities to attract the number of tourist arrivals ... detail... »

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  • A. Overview Speaking of beach tourism in Yogyakarta, Parangtritis Beach will be the first to pop in our mind. The beach in the southern coastal area of Java Island is indeed popular. Most tourists spend their time at Parangtritis during their visit in Yogyakarta. No wonder that this beach becomes the tourism icon of Special Region of ... detail... »

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  • A. Brief Information Before the tsunami suffered Aceh on December 26th, 2004, Lampuuk Beach was a favourite tourism destination for tourists visiting Nangroe Aceh Darussalam. The surrounding location offered the fresh air and tranquil nature to them who visited the location. However, after that terrible tragedy, the beach began to ... detail... »

  • A. Brief Information Pasir Putih beach is one of the tourism objects in Bandar Lampung for domestic and foreign tourists. For the sake of it, the cleanness of the place is preserved. B. Distinctive Features Across the Pasir Putih beach, shady trees are planted to cover the tourists after they feel like getting enough sun from ... detail... »

  • Sanur Beach

    Sanur Beach

    A. Brief Information Sanur Beach, one of the beautiful beaches in Bali Island, offers a panoramic view since a long time ago. Historically, on an inscription written at the tenure of King Kasari Warmadewa (917 A.D.) in Singhadwala Palace, it is stated that the beauty of Sanur Beach has been discovered at the time. Now you ... detail... »

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